Copyright, Music Publishing & Royalties

Copyright, Music Publishing & Royalties

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Understanding how copyright affects you as a musician doesn’t have to be overly complicated or intimidating.  In this section of the course we cover a basic overview of copyright as it pertains to musicians, registering original songs for copyright and releasing cover songs on YouTube, as sheet music and as digital downloads and streams.   We also cover an overview of music publishing and walk you through how you can collect royalties you might not have even known you were owed.

Topics Covered in this Section

A Musician’s Guide To Copyright, Music Publishing & Royalties

  • Copyright Overview
  • Registering Your Original Music For Copyright
  • Releasing Cover Songs (Mechanical Licenses)
  • Monetizing Cover Songs On YouTube (Sync Licensing)
  • Releasing Cover Song Sheet Music
  • Understanding Music Publishing
  • Registering With and Collecting Royalties through Performance Rights Organizations (PROs)
  • Collecting Royalties Through SoundExchange

Copyright, Music Publishing & Royalties

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Copyright, Music Publishing
& Royalties 101

Learn how to release and monetize cover songs, how to publish your music and collect your royalties.


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