hey, I'm Taylor!

In my professional life I'm a Billboard charting violinist, arranger, producer, composer and entrepreneur. 

And in my personal life I'm a wife and mother of 2 boys who loves music and nerdy things.

A glimpse into my career as an 
independent musician

Started posting on my YouTube channel (mostly from the spare bedroom of my parent's house)


Kept building my audience on YouTube and put together my first "home studio" (aka pillows/mattresses/blankets leaned up in the corner of my parent's spare room haha!)

Quit my day job in November to start making my first album, "Gaming Fantasy."


First year officially earning a living as a full-time musician!

Released 3 albums: "Gaming Fantasy", "Game On: 2 Player Mode", & "An Enchanted Christmas"


First year hiring a producer and professional videographers

Released 2 albums: "Legendary Movie Music" and "Melodies of Hyrule" - the first of my albums to chart on the Billboard Charts!


First performances of my own ticketed live shows

Released 1 new album: "The Anime and Game Collection"


Successfully crowdfunded & released my first self-titled album of original music, "Taylor Davis" (my 2nd album to chart on the Billboard Charts)

Completed my first tour in the US

Passed 1 Million Subscribers on YouTube


Released my 2nd album of original music: "Odyssey" (my 3rd album to chart on the Billboard Charts)

Completed 2 European Tours


Passed 2 Million Subscribers on YouTube

Released 1 album: "Songs of Christmas"


Released 1 album: "Melodies of a Magic Kingdom" (4th album to chart on the Billboard Charts)

Performed at London Comic Con and completed a "mini" European Tour


Released the full "Musician of All Trades" program

Released the "Taylor Davis" Artist Series Solo Violin Sample Library with Cinesamples



Released 1 album: "Songs of the Lost Woods" (5th album to chart on the Billboard Charts)


25 Million Streams on Spotify

Passed 500 Students in Musician of All Trades