Making Money With Your Music

Making Money With Your Music

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It’s never been a better time to make money as an independent musician, and if you know how to properly run your music career as a business, you’ll have endless opportunities to build and sustain a financially rewarding career.  In the new music industry, there are countless sources of revenue to explore, but one of the issues that comes along with that is knowing which revenue sources you should focus your efforts in. In this section we focus on many of the most lucrative revenue sources available to musicians and I walk you through my own personal income and expenses and how they have changed over the years.

We also cover in-depth strategies on earning money through music sales and streams, YouTube and Twitch monetization options, how to build and grow a membership business on Patreon, earning income through live performances, earning income through brand deals, sponsorships and endorsements, and I offer some personal insight into how I negotiate contracts, what I look for in opportunities, and how I run my career as a business.

Here are all the topics covered in this section

Making Money With Your Music

  • Welcome
  • Making Money as a Modern Musician
  • My Different Sources of Income
  • My Sources of Income: 2013 – 2018
  • My Expenses: 2013 – 2018
  • Creating Passive Income
  • Advice on Transitioning from Part Time to Full Time
  • Getting Used to Irregular Income
  • Financial Planning Tips
  • Twitch: Overview of Making Money
  • Twitch: Making Money Through Donations
  • Twitch: More Monetization Options with Affiliate and Partnership
  • Twitch: Making Money with Subscriptions & Sponsorships
  • Twitch: Lara de Wit Success Story
  • YouTube: Monetization Options
  • YouTube: Understanding Advertising Revenue
  • YouTube: Other Ways to Make Money
  • YouTube: Multi Channel Networks (MCNs)
  • Making Money from Music Streaming
  • Making Money with Merchandise
  • Pricing Strategies for Physical Albums
  • Merchandise Manufacturing and Fulfillment
  • Patreon: Overview
  • Patreon: Getting Started
  • Patreon: Choosing Your Reward Tiers
  • Patreon: Fulfilling Rewards
  • Patreon: Getting People to Join Your Community
  • Patreon: The Importance of Your Community
  • Patreon: Managing Your Community
  • Making Money with Live Performances
  • What to Consider When Booking a Gig: Payment
  • What to Consider When Booking a Gig: Time
  • What to Consider When Booking a Gig: Other Value & Career Goals
  • Crowdfunding an Album
  • Making Money with Sheet Music
  • Brand Deals, Sponsorships, and Endorsements
  • Brand Deals: Determining Your Value
  • Finding and Executing Brand Deals
  • What to Do With Bad Offers
  • Tips for Negotiating
  • Business: Setup, Taxes & Accounting
  • When to Say No To Opportunities

Making Money With Your Music


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Making Money with Your Music

Learn what it takes to build and sustain a financially successful business through the many different options you have to earn money with your music.

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