Audio Recording And Production

Audio Recording And Production

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You don’t have to spend a ton of money on expensive gear or studio time to achieve professional results with your recordings, and in this section you’ll learn exactly what gear you need and how to use it to record and produce professional sounding music right from your own home.  I’ve recorded all 10 of my albums (3 of which charted on the Billboard Charts) and all of the singles I’ve ever released by myself in my own home studio.  I’m also going to walk you through my process and workflow for composing, arranging and producing.  I’ll be showing you my workflow in Logic Pro X, but these concepts and principles can be applied to any DAW.

Topics Covered in this Section

Audio Recording and Production

  • Why Learn to Record and Edit Yourself?
  • Putting Together Your Own Home Recording Studio
  • Choosing Essential Gear: Microphones
  • Choosing Essential Gear: Audio Interfaces
  • Choosing Essential Gear: Headphones
  • Choosing Essential Gear: Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs)
  • Choosing Essential Gear: Computers
  • Other Studio Gear: Studio Monitors & MIDI Keyboards
  • An Overview of Sample Instruments
  • Producing Yourself vs. Working with a Producer
  • Advice for Working with Arrangers, Producers, Etc
  • Composing and Arranging: Don’t Wait Until You Feel Inspired
  • My Creative Process For Arranging
  • My Technical Process for Arranging
  • My Creative Process For Composing
  • My Technical Process for Composing
  • How to Set Up for Recording
  • Using Reference Tracks to Improve Your Music
  • Latency
  • Setting Appropriate Gain and Volume Levels for Recording
  • Recording with a Click Track
  • My Recording Process in Logic Pro X
  • My Editing Process in Logic Pro X
  • An Overview of Mixing
  • Basic Mixing Process
  • Basics of EQ, Compression, Delay, Reverb & More Mixing Tips
  • Basic Overview of Mastering

Audio Recording And Production


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